Boy, how plans change!

Maybe I’ll write something on it someday but for right now, you should know the following about college:

1. No one really knows what college is until they go away to college.

2. The college fantasy you see in t.v. and movies is not a guarantee.

3. College is all about who you know.

4. Today, colleges are liberal brainwashing factories that leave most students with crippling debt.

5. Visualize and plan out everything. Your first day of college is the day you decide which school you are going to.

That would be my top 5 pieces of advice I would give to a high school senior today.

Luckily, our good friend Seth Rose has written a book that covers these fundamental truths and much more.

grades and girls

This book literally covers everything you need to know about college and it does so in an easy to follow manner.

It contains 40 chapters of gold evenly divided into 5 sections.

Part 1 provides an Overview of College and the highlights of this section include:

  • preparing for college
  • explaining college debt trap
  • the application process *** very important
  • SJW’s/Feminists *** Again, this wasn’t as big of a deal back when I was in still in school.

Part 2 (Play), explains all the fun stuff I guy would want to know about college. This is the biggest section in the book and when you get it you’ll see why. Some of the major chapters in this section include:

  • the college social hierarchy
  • everything on Greek life (including a pledge survival guide) *** very important for those interested in joining a frat
  • how to survive as a GDI (non-frat boy) *** how to have an amazing social life without joining a frat
  • getting chicks in college (bars/nightclubs/frat parties/daytime/social circle)
  • how to kill it in the college party scene (includes a party guide that anyone can use)
  • sex/dating/online dating in college

Part 3 is all about grades. Remember, you’re in college to get a degree (and eventually a job). Seth does a great job in this section because there’s a bunch of little golden nuggets on:

  • majors/careers
  • productivity tips/study habits
  • graduate school

Part 4 is all about Lifestyle. College moves very fast. How are you living your life? Do you have a lot of momentum or are you someone who just floats through not really doing anything? This section covers the following:

  • scheduling
  • habits
  • jobs
  • living arrangements
  • events/travel

Part 5 is all about action. It’s called your 4 Year Action Plan. This section is also the personal section of the book because in it, Seth writes on the following:

  • internships/career develop
  • life after college
  • paying off debt (his story)
  • life after college (his story)

If I was a 18 year-old high school senior, I would buy this book in a heart beat. I would be reading it right now and preparing for my Freshman orientation in August. If this book had come out in 2008, I would have bought it no questions asked.

This is the only book that realistically maps out college for young men in America. It’s literally the game plan to kill it all areas of life during your 4 years in college.

Now the big question people are going to ask:

I’m not in college, how can Grades and Girls help me?

Think about it.

What’s the number one way to get cool friends and hot chicks at any stage in life? Building value and building connections.

That’s what this book will teach you. It will get you in the mindset of networking with people regardless of your age.

Being social, building a solid crew, and scoring chicks doesn’t stop after college. The game simply opens up because you got more to work with.

This book will help any young, single guy improve his social and dating life. I guarantee it.

Grades and Girls is available for sale on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and get it now. Start building today!

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