Beloved Hunter of Accomplishment,

Your March 11-12 La Velocity Seduction® class is developing shortly and replenishing rapidly.

It’s planning to become a wonderful function, when I have already been gearing up-to discuss my finest and newest developments and lessons.

But everything you may well not yet realize is the fact that my company-instructor, Hayley Quinn, and myself will soon be using only 4 VIP individuals to the realworld, to train instantly, how-to meet females.

I will be exercising in just about any circumstance, providing you with support, feedback and light corrections  for 3 nights so that you turn out of it being a “Day Recreation Jedi”.

We simply possess a pair slots outstanding.

Howto Submit An Application For Infield Teaching
With Ross And Hayley


State your standard admission admission for the March 11 & 12 La Velocity Seduction® Class by going to these pages:

when you finish your subscription, you’ll view a URL to submit an application for Infield Education.


Implement immediately for Infield Education by going to this page:


Why Today Is The Better Morning
To Do This And Implement

Please know that using doesn’t ensure that Hayley and that I can pick you.

We’re going right through the purposes, separately, yourself, to be sure the appropriate pupil is acknowledged.

Thus consider the next thing, utilising the links above.

Discover you around the different part of wet, white variety!



P.S. I enjoy conversing with my buyers.

When you will find yourself enrolling, assume a contact from me to convey thanks.