Dear Seeker of Success,

Talk about a buzz kill.

How many times does it happen – you’re back at her place, snuggled together on the couch.  You’re making out with her.  Things are heating up, in every sense of the word.

Somewhere in the back of your mind you hear the train whistle (“Full Steam A-head!”)…

The crack of baseball bat hitting ball (“HOME RUN!!!”)…

Or even a scanning of your personal inventory (“Did I remember the condom?”)

But then you hear a screeching noise.

As in, to a grinding halt, usually signaled by an abrupt end to the grinding.

So what just happened to your sexual agenda, your aggression, your desire?

Where did it go?

Now SHE’s the one who turns it on and off, because suddenly she’s not comfortable.

You, in turn, become uncomfortable and you shut yourself down.

Then what do you do?

You wait for an engraved invitation.

She Has To Write In Gold Letters
“Please F@@k Me Now” And Sign It

Are you a recovering nice guy?

If what I’ve just described sounds familiar (as it does to millions of smart men the world over)

I’m willing to bet that one of your issues is you’re so emotionally in tune to women, when they start feeling something, you feel it for yourself.

Part of untangling this issue of being sexually aggressive is this ability to stay grounded in your body, see where she’s at, but not have to go there for yourself.

I didn’t say: you never go there or you can’t go there if you choose to.

If you’re making love with your woman and she’s feeling an incredible sexual desire, yeah, you want to go where she is. But it’s that matter of choice.

Dominant has nothing to do with having big muscles or pushing people around or any of that.

That’s the imitation of dominance.

That’s the counterfeit of dominance.

That’s the impersonation of dominance.

That’s being a jerk.

Jerks literally cannot feel what their woman is feeling.

True sexual aggression mastery makes you a leader in every phase of your relationship to women.

It lets you see where they are at without having to go there yourself, so you can stay in the emotional lead.

Now, that sure beats a poke in the eye.



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