Sup champs!

I APOLOGIZE for having been absent for a while.

I FOUND A SOLUTION to overcome Approach Anxiety.

I’VE BEEN HOLDING IT BACK for quite a long time and it almost killed me not being able to talk about it lol

CATCH A GLIMPSE into how I did it…

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all the support so far, keep it up and I promise, this shit will blow your mind 😉


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Behind all the RSD shaming and “exposing” recently we decided we get one of our longterm assistants on board to do some REAL TALK. He finally speaks out haha, let’s see:


That’s it for this week folks, I must say i’m getting super emotional these days…

We’re in the very FULL phase of documenting all the things I did within the last months to finally overcome APPROACH ANXIETY, FEAR and SHYNESS.

It was a truly life changing experience for me, I’ve never seen my own game take these huge leaps and it was TORTURE for me to not be able to talk about it with you folks!

I can finally release a tiny GLIMPSE of what I will be able to reveal with the upcoming FEARLESS – THE APPROACH ANXIETY BUSTER program!

It’s been one hell of a ride for me and trust me, I’ve shed countless tears to work on this, research this, TEST this, TEACH this and seeing it come to fruition is beyond my wildest dreams.

Please DO comment below, tell me your thoughts, I’d LOVE to hear from it!


Thanks, stay healthy, stay awesome, much love,



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